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6th European CAF Users’ Event

    pon       governo  2014miur


6th European CAF Users’ Event

Hotel Sheraton Golf - Rome, 14 November 2014

Impact and Results with CAF 

The exemplary case of the Education Sector


In 2003 the first European CAF Event was organised in Rome. After four CAF event editions - Luxembourg 2005, Portugal 2007, Romania 2010, Norway 2012 - the result of over 3700 registered CAF users from 45 countries shows that the CAF dynamic is alive.

The 6th European CAF Users’ Event will be a forum for presentation and discussion of the findings of the 4th European survey on the use of the CAF model in the public sector. The survey addressed around 700 education and training institutes. 165 of them answered the questionnaires and 12 schools in 6 Member States  was involved an in-depth qualitative case analysis will also be undertaken in order to explore and compare experiences in different national contexts.

Special attention is given to the achievements of CAF in the field of education. Why does a school decide to use the CAF model? What kind of improvement actions are more frequently taken following the examples of good practices given by the model? Which are the emerging trends of performance improvement? And, last but not least, what kind of impact does the repeated use of CAF have on the organizational culture?

The lessons learned from the Education sector, very strategic for the social and economic development of the European Union, will help in evaluating the added value of using the model for every type of public organisation.

Various keynote speakers and practical cases will demonstrate the benefit, the practicalities and the lessons learned of working with the CAF. Topics as social responsibility, evaluation systems and administrative capacity building will also be highlighted looking at experiences implemented in other sectors than education and using tools other than CAF.

Plenary and parallel sessions will offer an occasion to reflect on the importance of the continuous performance improvement of public sector organisations and to focus on strategic performance dimensions in the 2020 perspective.

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